Hi Folks, If you’re looking/researching dentist in Los Algodones, you may have no further to go to Healthy Smile. Dra. Gomez has changed my life; she has done the impossible.

  • I had to have 7 extractions, one bridge, three crown replacements, deep cleaning, one root canal, serious gingivitis treatment, three fillings. She did what though would be impossible; she fixed my mouth within 5 days!

  • Total cost was $4,354.00 USD. The same procedure would have cost me near 20,000-25,000 in the states, easily.

  • At Healthy Smile, they made me feel so comfortable and at ease from the moment I walked through the door. I was so embarrassed to have neglected my teeth for so long, I hadn’t gone to a dentist for 20 years.

In Summary, if you are like me, you are reading a zillion posts trying to decide on who to go to. With all my heart, I am telling you that you can stop searching: Dra. Yilka Gomez, her staff & her associates are the place to go.

My name is Kristy, contact me anytime ! Buena Suerte! 1-866-228-0095


I want to thank Dr. Yilka and her staff for giving this singer his smile and confidence back. At 30% of what it would have cost here in the States. I thought my smile was a thing of the past, but they proved me wrong. Tell them Freddie sent you!!! Mil Gracias!!!

                                                                                                         Freddie Duran


OMGOSH Dr. Gomez and her staff were incredible! Can´t say enough good thinks. Office is SPOTLESS, everyone is friendly and Los Algodones SUCH a friendly and safe little town. So happy with my newly crowned top teeth... looking forward to going back for lowers soon!!!

                                                                                           Suzy Smith Woodward


I'm very happy with your work!! see you the next summer. Muchas Gracias!

Very happy patients from Healthy Smile!

If you want the best dental care in Los Algodones then you are wise to see Dr. Yilka Lineth Gomez Gonzalez, she is absoluttely the best. I do not get paid to endorse her, professional, ultra clean, all the latest technology, her staff is wonderful as well. Any question just post them to my page. I will be happy to answer.

                                                                                        Ron Korotash